Publishing Nuts and Bolts for New Year’s Success



Yes, the holiday selling season is still upon us; however, you’ll want these Publishing Nuts and Bolts to build upon throughout the year. As 2017 approaches, you’ll want to continue your marketing momentum. Bookmark this post to guarantee that you’ll have it to jumpstart your success.

Book promoting is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the publishing journey. It’s quite similar to feeding a hungry elephant. It seems no matter how much you shovel in, there’s always a need for more. If approached incorrectly, it can be overwhelming and unrewarding.

Book promotion is how you make your book available to your potential readers. These strategies can be as simple as adding a blurb and graphic to your email signature line or as complicated as setting up a national tour. There are hundreds of strategies you can engage in between the two extremes. The bottom line is it’s your responsibility to promote your book, or to oversee its promotion.

Publishing Nuts and Bolts

  1. Publishing prepares your book for your audience.
  2. Understand the publishing process.
  3. Although publishers and formats vary, the final product should reflect your values.
  4. Know your audience and how to communicate with them.
  5. Research your topic thoroughly.
  6. Always fit your format to your audience.
  7. Follow standard publishing procedures.
  8. For broad receptivity, consider publishing your book in more than one format.
  9. Avoid technical information unless you can break it down to the level of your audience.
  10. The book cover demands professional attention.
  11. Review several cover designs prior to making a final selection.
  12. Check your work. Check your work. Check your work. (Did I say check your work?)

Promotional Nuts and Bolts

  1. Today’s book market is new and it demands new promotional strategies.
  1. YOU are your author brand; be sure it represents YOU!
  1. Build online relationships. Social proof is based on connections, not on just being there.
  1. Book promotions should be regular and ongoing.
  1. Successful promotions increase your brand recognition and your credibility.
  1. Don’t limit your promotions to online only. Look for offline promotions as well.
  1. Stay in front of your audience (readers).
  2. NSP – Never Stop Promoting!

By all means, take time to build slowly. There’s great wisdom in building this way. You don’t want to overextend yourself by reaching too high too soon.

Let the momentum of your established over the holiday season propel you to the next level.  Engage in different levels of communications—posting, sharing, giving advice, and adding comments when appropriate.

Remember — don’t try to sell on these platforms. Keep your focus solely on providing great content and you’ll easily grow a host of dedicated readers. And they’ll be ready for your next book.


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