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The Only List of Author Resources You’ll Ever Need

Resources are great. But the right resources can save you so much time. I’m often asked for all sorts of how-tos on social media, email marketing, author branding—you name it. For the last couple of months, I’ve been compiling them all into a nice list just for you. Because I love you.

Favorite books on marketing/branding/publishing/writing:

Your Brand Is Calling by Mike Loomis (honestly, if you’re building a business, just hire the man so that you don’t waste time like I did. When I hired Mike, I had a 35% increase in profit . . . in one quarter.)

Your First 1,000 Copies by Tim Grahl (it’s all about email marketing)

Making a Killing on Kindle by Michael Alvear

How I Sold 30,000 Books on Amazon’s Kindle by Martin Crosbie (beginners, you’ll want to read this one first)

Publishing 101 by Jane Friedman (if you have any interest in traditional publishing, this is the only book I recommend)

A Writer’s Guide to Characterization by Victoria Lynn Schmidt (this changed everything for me in terms of archetypes)

Writing Deep Scenes by Martha Alderson (once I learned that there are actually four parts to a novel, it made outlining so much simpler)

The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman (ensure this is by your side when writing dialogue)

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