Are You Thinking of Writing… Session 3


Who Are Your Readers?

How are you today? Are you ready to move on? Let’s begin.

Our previous session (WHAT Makes Your Book Unique?) should have opened up some fresh insight for you. It’s not unusual to start with one idea in mind and end up with another.

Today’s topic is one that trips up most debut authors. If you can’t answer this question (WHO Are Your Readers?), there’s no point in writing.

You MUST KNOW who you’re writing for in order to get your book in the right hands. When you correctly identify your readers, you’ll develop titles and sub-titles that speak directly to them. Generally, debut authors either guess at who their audience is, or they assume that they are like them. Neither position is accurate.

You’ll want to identify your audience BEFORE you begin to write. This single fact can guide you through your writing project. By the way, if you think that you’re writing for EVERYONE, you are, in fact, writing for NO ONE!

Mark these words: your audience WILL NOT self-select itself. Nor will they go out of the way to find and purchase your book.
Therefore, you must make every effort to identify them with the title, subtitle and cover design of your book. 

We’ll help you refine this much-confused area using today’s worksheet. You’ll have the clarity you need after you complete it.


Sandee L. Hemphill — Work Your Book 

P.S. Three down… four to go. Next we’ll look at the WHEN of writing and publishing.