Are You Thinking of Writing… Session 5


HOW Will My Book Be Published and Distributed?

Hello, hello, hello … glad you’re back.

Today there are  a number of options available to get your book published. Hopefully, you researched this area before you began writing your book.

What you’ll want to consider is your reading audience and their preferred method of consumption. Your main choices will be print, digital and audio.

In the print format, you can publish:

  • Traditionally

  • Independently

  • Self-publish

  • Vanity publisher

Your digital formats are e-Pub or mobi files. These formats can be used on:

  • Apple’s iPad and iPhone

  • Kindle, Nook

  • Adobe Digital Editions

  • Aldiko on Android

  • Android Phones

Audio production can be handled by:

  • ACX Publishing (an Amazon company)

  • Dog Ear Publishing

  • Infinity Publishing

Note that narration, production, and distribution costs vary for each of these services.

You’ll also want to consider distribution when you determine your method of publishing. Each respective method could also have a unique sales strategy. You many need different avenues for your audio book than the ones used for your print book. Just be sure you check out the various ways and strategies you need to maximize sales.

Complete today’s worksheet to define (and refine) your publishing and distribution channels.


When you complete this e-course you should be well informed of the various publishing and distribution channels available to get your book to your readers. Don’t slow down now — we have only a few more lessons to go.

Sandee L. Hemphill — Work Your Book 

P.S. Coming next is the WHERE of writing a book and it has some interesting solutions.