Are You Thinking of Writing – Session 6


WHERE Will My Books Be Available for Purchase?

The WHERE feature often lines up with the HOW feature, but with some exceptions. That’s because your availability could either hinder of accelerate your sales. Consider this brief list of WHERE questions:

  • How many outlets can you find for your book?

  • Are they the same outlets that can sell your e-book?

  • What about an audiobook – is this the same market or location?

The more accessible your book is, the better your chances of making sales. Give considerable time to this question and build a list of physical and online places to generate sales.

Today’s worksheet offers you a place to compile your list to use for future sales. Make as many copies as you need and keep this information accessible.


Of course, you’ll want to be open to new places and new ways to market your book. Just be careful that you are getting in front of the audiences that you can serve and not just a group of people.

Sandee L. Hemphill – Work Your Book 

P.S. We’re almost done with the course. Only one session to go. We’ll wrap things up with the WHERE of writing and publishing. I’m looking forward to our next session.