Are You Thinking of Writing – Session 7


HOW Much Does It Cost to Publish A Book?

Well, here in our final session is the $64,000 question, “How much does it cost to publish a book?” What you’ll find in today’s worksheet is a rough estimation of what your book can cost. The actual costs may be either above or below what is calculated.

The idea is to give you an estimation of your up-front financial investment. Unfortunately, pain and suffering cannot be calculated. There is no estimation for agony, frustration, disappointments or re-dos that can be calculated. Just know that it goes with the territory.

At any rate, you’ll calculate an amount that has to be considered before you plan to move ahead. It would be a grave injustice to have a great book idea and then not have the resources to bring it to fruition. Feel free to add any other expenses that I may have forgotten. And feel free to drop me a note and let me know about it so I can correct my worksheet.


This wraps up our complimentary e-course. Now you’re ready to begin. You have all of the information you need to get your writing and publishing project started. If you’re still not sure where to go, click on our Resources page and consider our “Ready to Write Non-Fiction Template: A Cover-to-Cover Guide for First-Time Authors.” There are other resources there to help you as well.

Feel free to connect with us on any of the outlets we’ve provided. We look forward to our continual relationship with you. Keep writing and keep publishing. I’ll look for you on a best-seller least in the near future.

Sandee L. Hemphill – Work Your Book 

P.S. Look for a closing post from us in just a few days.