Author Your Success

Authorship is a word you don’t see very often. It’s usually presented in its short form—author. Authorship is used for someone who has written a book.

What exactly is authorship? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “a person who has written something; especially, a person who has written a book or who writes many books.” It seems quite simple, doesn’t it? Yet this definition can’t possibly convey the many shades and nuances it takes to be an accomplished author.

The book you create will be completely different from what another author writes. It will be uniquely you! Regardless of how many people have used the same subject or title, your book will still be different. This means there is room for the fresh perspective you bring to the world.

Very soon, your new status will be “Author.” It will encompass all of the skills you bring to drafting your book, such as:
• Writing
• Outlining
• Researching
• Formatting
• Editing
• Re-writing

The finished product doesn’t always reflect the time and dedication put into a writing project. How could it? There’s no measurement for passion or devotion. Yet you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Authoring a book takes courage. It takes commitment and a desire to reach the finish line. Anyone can quit but only the committed brings the project to the expected end. It takes commitment to go from a blank page to a manuscript, regardless of the time investment.

Writing a book can be a delightful yet complex journey. You’ll want to commit to the writing process from start to finish. The finished product—the completed manuscript—is what seals the deal.

Don’t just write… take time to smell the roses. Don’t rush the process. Don’t get bogged down with in any one chapter. Keep moving. There’s more ground to be covered so take a deep breath and dig in.


This excerpt is taken from “Publish Your First Book NOW! available at
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