5 Promotional “Quickies” for Your Next Book

books for siteThis is one of the most talked about (and often misunderstood) features of publishing a book. Most people carry dread regarding book promotions.

However, it you apply the eat-an-elephant analogy (you know, one bite at a time) it makes it an approachable subject.

Here is an excerpt from the forthcoming series, “Book-Possible.” The first book in the series is entitled, “Stop Waiting – Publish NOW!” Here’s a preview taken from the “What to Do Next” section:

  1. Compile a list of the top five ways you plan to promote your book. Determine if you’ll need assistance with any of these tactics. Who will help you? If you can’t get volunteer help, who can you afford to hire? Consider a VA (Virtual Assistant) for some of the promotional tasks.

  2. Make a list of 5-7 basic promotions. List them in order of monetary costs, from lowest to highest. This will give you a healthy sense of the costs you’ll need to invest. You can also use this information to schedule certain promotions.

  3. Regarding social media, start with the forum you’re most familiar with. You’ll find it easier to post in venues where you’re already comfortable. Be sure to ask your audience to share whatever you post.

  4. Increase your activity for all online sites where you have a presence. Be sure to post screenshots of your book cover. If possible, indicate when your book will launch. If unsure, give a month rather than a specific date.

  5. Start promoting as soon as you can. Whether you self-publish or go traditionally, YOU are responsible for promoting your book. If possible, build and team and get input from other authors who have passed the first-time publishing mark.

Watch for the series debut later this month. And you’ll find other publishing tidbits on the blog (Publish.NOW) at sandeehemphill.com.