Cross Promote With Other Authors

Holiday book marketing fits into a short 8-week window (Nov. 15 to Jan. 15). That’s all the time you’ll have to capture the attention of new and current readers. Why not cross promote with other authors (yes, even those in the same genre) to maximize your selling potential.

Cross promoting is when two authors agree to promote each others’ books for mutual benefit. It’s an ideal solution for an author with a piggy bank budget. Think of Disney and McDonald’s. Disney creates the movie and Disney makes the related toy characters.

These promotions serve several purposes such as increasing sales and increasing visibility. In addition, you are now recognized with your cross promotional partner. You stand on each others’ reputation.

Now Do This:

  • Identify an author to partner with
  • Look for an authors whose books and related products are compatible with the topic of your book
  • Create a flyer with a graphic and brief description of each story
  • Include the individual web links
  • Each author forwards the flyer to their list and uses it in other online promotions
  • You can also create a print of the promotion to use at various marketing events
  • Look for related, complementary authors and businesses and create packages that include their service and products as well as your own
  • Watch the sales multiply come in
  • Be committed to the process and promote vigorously
  • Consider this type of arrangement with retail shops, associations, religious groups, business groups and writer’s groups
  • Both parties should benefit financially

Remember, when you cross promote with other authors, you are cooperating with other authors to share books among a select pool of readers. With this strategy, everyone – authors and readers – benefit.

Cross Promote
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