Deck the Inbox and Website

Here’s another group of holiday marketing ideas to boost your sales. These will help you keep the holiday spirit. They also show your visitors that you’re committed to holiday sales.

With everyone in the holiday spirit, you should help your business reflect it as well. When you deck the inbox and website, you keep things festive. Adding decorative touches to your e-mail, website, social platforms helps share the season with others. By the way, try to add something to all of your correspondence.

Now Do This:

  • Change your social media banner to reflect the holiday season (some of my clients change theirs every two weeks during the holidays)
  • Decorate your online storefront or business site to create a festive look for your visitors
  • Do the same with your social media accounts and e-mail blasts
  • Create landing pages with holiday-themed content and decorative graphics
  • Don’t forget your sales pages and receipts – the more festive the better
  • If you are using an e-mail service, select a variety of holiday-themed templates to send your messages out
  • Locate shareable holiday quizzes and quotes to send out to your regular mailing list
  • Add a decorative graphic to your regular correspondence
  • Add a holiday message to your signature line
  • Create holiday-themed newsletters, deal announcements, Christmas gift ideas and more

These ideas can be expounded upon and, in some cases, can be adapted for other times of the year. It all depends upon what you want to communicate to your audience. Either way, the effort will pay off (pun intended) when you choose to deck the inbox and website.

Deck the Inbox and Website
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