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[1] It’s taken everything I have to get my book published. How can I start to make sales?

Book promotions is a necessity for most authors. The sooner you approach it, the better chance of success. Your promotions will depend upon your book genre, your audience and your publishing goals. Start by making yourself visible via a website, blog, social media and article publishing. [You can also check out the Resources section of the website for Momentum, the Bankable Book Promotions course available in February 2017].

[2] What’s a book launch and should I have one?

It’s probably not a matter of which is better; rather, which will better serve your audience. In some cases it will be both. Print books tend to carry more status than e-books, but e-books get more readers across all genres and age groups. E-books are preferred by readers who are 45 and under. Of these five genres — Mystery and Suspense, General Fiction, Romance, Humor and History — print books are preferred over e-books in only the History category.

[3] Why is it so hard to sell a book?

Yes, there are companies that provide these services. Search online and read the fine print to determine if they are a fit. You may still want to supplement their services with a plan of your own.

[4] Are book reviews really necessary? If so, how do I get them?
There’s great value in having your writing validated by a reviewer. Therefore, I’d say reviews are necessary (and so does these authors, Nicola Jane and Elena Linville).Use these strategies to solicit reviews:

  1. Make a list of potential reviewers to ask to review your book
  2. Customize your request pitch
  3. Include who you are, your book title and genre, # of pages, a blurb and a release date. Also provide links to your blog and/or website.


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