First-Time Authors’ Lament


Publishing can be a tiresome journey, especially if you’re doing it alone. There are generally too many tasks and too little time to dedicate to the writing and publishing process.

Any number of activities and tasks are required prior to completing your book. From the outline to the blank page (even on a computer screen) to the finished product, it pays to have a partner to collaborate with.

This partner can be a single individual with whom you share concerns, offer guidance and provide support. Or it can be a group you join in your community or online. It doesn’t matter which group you join – what matters is that you aren’t in this by yourself.

In a recent “Pub Hub” call (a quarterly conversation between subscribers and myself), a profound question was asked by one of the callers. “What stumbling blocks did you encounter with your first book?” It didn’t take long for the responses to begin. Everyone who spoke said they hit several roadblocks along the road. Most were disheartened at the time it took to solve. They said the answers were simple yet costly in terms of time.

Here are a few of the issues which delayed their journeys:

  • When I began I didn’t have an outline for my book
  • I didn’t know where to get my book cover
  • I didn’t know hot to get reviews, nor did I know if they’d even make a difference
  • I wrestled with word count
  • I didn’t know how to price my book
  • I had no idea how to sell my book
  • I signed a contract with a subsidy publisher but I didn’t read the fine print

And on and on and on. These are all great comments which should be answered PRIOR to embarking upon a writing project. The problem they found was there was no single place to get all of the answers they needed. Or, at least they hadn’t found one.

The conversation ended in applause. They were grateful to have a chance to share and found comfort (in a strange way) in knowing others had shared in some their struggle. Without any prodding, they shared momentarily in a cooperative venture. Many acknowledged they were reluctant to share their dilemma prior to the call but learned the value of “the group.”

What about you? What resources have you discovered?

  • Do you have a writing buddy or group you can discuss concerns with?
  • Is there a writer’s group in your neighborhood you can join?
  • Have you discovered an online support group?
  • Have you considered launching a group yourself?

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By the way, what experiences can you add to our list? Post them here and check with us for responses from the group.