Who Wouldn’t Want to Write a Best Seller?

Beautiful Little Business Woman Working On LaptopYou’re excitedly writing your first book. Much to your surprise, you’ve been inundated with research and rewrites. You’ve changed the title 10 times and have finally settled on the final one–for today.

It looks a bit like a circus, this thing called writing, yet you’re willing to follow it through to the end. And like thousands of other writers – new and experienced–you want “it,” or at least a chance to reach for it.

You hope against all hope that you can grab the brass ring of writing. Like so many others, you want a “best seller.”

There’s a top honor (or brass ring) in every facet of life.

  • In theater it’s called a smash.

  • In music it’s called a mega-hit.

  • In stocks we say blue chip.

  • In movies we call it a blockbuster.

Regardless of what you call it, you want it! You think about it! You hope against hope that you’ll qualify for the big prize. In the meantime, you’re stuck on Chapter 4 with nowhere to go.

So what, exactly, will it take to create a “best seller,” and will you see one in my lifetime? Here’s my response (and stats) on the subject.

  • Amazon requires that you sell 3,500-5,000 copies in a day in combined formats.

  • The New York Times list heavily counts sales in select brick-and-mortar stores and requires 20,000 copies to be sold in a week.

  • USA Today compiles a weekly list of it’s best sellers based on sales.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible. The truth is, however, that the “Best Seller” nomenclature is relative to both popularity and sales. If you can attract the right audiences, there’s a real chance those connections will turn into sales.

In reality, you’ll want to create the best book you can. It should be well researched, well written, well formatted and have a cover that reflects the content inside. And what will make it a best seller is YOU! When you learn how to engage your audience, you’ll find sales aren’t far behind.

Will you make it to the big list? It’s possible. Hopefully, that won’t be your only goal. If you focus on bring the best product possible to your audience, you’ll always be considered a best seller by them.

What’s your goal? Comment below to get the dialogue started.

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