Holiday Gift Roundup

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and so is holiday buying. As authors, we want to make sure we can continue to provide our books to our current readers, as well as welcome some new ones. Here’s an idea I’m sure you can use this holiday season.

You see this gift-buying tactic everywhere during the holidays – in magazines, in newspapers, in evening news and on talks shows. It’s a brief list that offers a quick and easy shopping solution, especially for late decision makers. Sometimes it’s presented as Crunch Time Gift Solutions or 10 Under $10 or try Last Minute Gift Ideas.

Generally, these segments are planned well in advance of the holidays. However, you may find a list to join, or you can easily draft and promote your own. It should include your books, of course, and others in your genre. Give these steps a try.

·     Build a list around health and fitness if this is your topic

·     Another list could promote gift ideas based on people’s life stage such as children, pre-teens, teen, young adult, college and career, or seniors

·     Other categories could be hobbies (cooking, knitting, painting) or health and fitness (weight loss, exercise, diets)

·     Anything labeled self-improvement scores big for the New Year

·     Consider a list of authors in your geographic area, regardless of titles

·     Fit your book into the correct category and promote using social media

·     Hashtag your topic to give it extra life on Twitter

·     If time permits, create several lists to run for a week and only include your book on one or two of them – you can always add your link to your author resource box at the end of the list

When you provide a list of useful information to your readers, they may see other opportunities to make purchases of your books. And don’t forget that a partnership could be the most strategic alliance you can make for this buying season.

Happy holidays and happy selling!

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