Holiday Sales #1 – 12 Days of Christmas

Who can resist the allure of a 12 Days of Christmas promotion? Not many of us can. The excitement of the season paired with the song for this promotion creates its own holiday cheer.

By tying your promotion into the song, you’ll have people happily purchasing your books (if not on the first day, at least by the eighth). And the best part of this promotion is that you’ll possibly cover the 12 busiest days of the holiday season.

Jingle Sales Strategies:

  • Pick 12 days somewhere between December 1 and 20
  • If possible, tie your promotion into the key topic or number of the song for each day
  • Create a brief promotional e-mail to cover the 12 days
  • Nurse the element of surprise – DO NOT let your buyers know the next day’s sale ahead of time
  • If possible, create a graphic to accompany each promotion; if not, create one that you can use everyday
  • Consider a Before and After gift promotion (see Booster #5 in the book, Boost Your Holiday Book Sales); you offer a book now and a coupon your reader can redeem after the holidays have ended
  • Be sure you can support the discounts for all 12 days
  • Consider a mega discount for day one; a two’ fer for day two; three book special for day 3 (bear in mind they don’t have to all be your own books), etc.
  • If you offer services or products related to your book, make them available as part of this promotion (discounted, of course)
  • Consider using Amazon KDP Select Program (Kindle Direct Publishing). It offers several promotions good for this tactic, including their countdown days. You’ll find the details here.

Just getting started? There’s still time to get some great promotions in for the holiday. Start here with the book, Boost Your Holiday Book Sales, available at

Graphic via CC0 Public Domain


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