Indie Author Day: Support Your Local Author

Indie Author Day

October 14 will be celebrated as INDIE AUTHOR DAY. This international event is hosted by a number of US and Canadian libraries. INDIE AUTHOR DAY is dedicated to merging local authors and readers with their local library systems. This year’s event has 39 states plus 5 Canadian provinces participating. Guidelines for hosting an event are available to all interested parties. However, each event can be customized to reflect the host library.

To participate, you can register a library as either a digital host or a traditional host. The digital host can access the workshop videos via the Vimeo channel. The video link to the playlist can be posted on the library’s website or newsletter or forwarded to a mailing list. This is all there is to do for digital hosting. Easy peasy!

People in library

For traditional hosting, the details are outlined on the website ( Most libraries offer a combination of these activities:

  • Sponsored workshop videos
  • Writing workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Industry leader presentations
  • Author readings; some libraries also offer “Open Mic” sections
  • Resources galore

To find out what (if anything) your local library may be doing, use this link and search for them by state or province: Or visit the “events” page of your library to see if they have any events scheduled. If not, you can at least direct them to the site for next year’s event.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find on the website ( for INDIE AUTHOR DAY:

A. How to host an INDIE AUTHOR DAY even

B. Who’s Participating (locations)

C. Making the most of INDIE AUTHOR DAY (On-Demand Webinar + Guide)

D. Workshop Videos (partial list)

  • How to Market Your Book
  • How to Write a Fantasy Novel
  • The Costs of Self-Publishing
  • How to Produce a Professional Book

E. Recap of previous INDIE AUTHOR DAY events

F. Contact link

Note: There is a “Become A Library Host” registration link but it is now closed.

library event

When you support INDIE AUTHOR DAY, you will be supporting your local author as well as your local library. The end result is that your writing community will become stronger and more connected. Everyone benefits from this event. If your local library isn’t participating this year, drop them a note to be sure they can add this event to their annual calendar.

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