Inspiration Point

>> The Final Draft Blog #39<< 

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Every author has a place that inspires great writings. On a good day, the office does it for me. My desk faces the east window. When it’s cleaned off, it’s a perfect workspace. In addition, the early morning chatter of the birds creates a serene setting. It gets even better if I can make the early rising (5 am) and start off with a favorite cup of herbal tea (Tazo’s Passion or Wild Sweet Orange are favorites).

If I need a getaway, I plan a day at a friend’s office. Several of them have conference rooms that offer an inspiring space as well as quiet. Other colleagues have empty offices that I use on occasion. Once we set the ground rules (not visiting except as agreed upon), I find it quite easy to pen a few thousand words.

Occasionally, the public library provides a place of solitude and quiet. Planning ahead is often rewarded by my choice of meeting rooms within the facility.

What about you? Where do you find inspiration? Share your favs with us and I’ll list them in a future post.