Jumpstart Your Lethargic Juices – 1

Stuck in a writing rut? Try these easy exercises to Jumpstart Your Lethargic Juices. And there’s more to come later this month.

Exercise #1 – Just Book It!
Start an “inspiration” notebook. Purchase a bound notebook that’s small enough to carry with you. If necessary, store it in your car. It’s perfect for those occasions when a thought crosses your mind that you don’t want to forget. You can also make use of the “Notes” feature on a smart phone to track your ideas.

Exercise #2 – Talk About It

Here’s a quick fix for getting unstuck. Take out a sheet of paper and write out the topic of your project. Use a tape recorder or use your cell phone’s recording app to talk about the topic. Transcribe your recording and add it to your text.

My favorite use of these exercises is to print them out on card stock and placed one on the cork board near my desk when needed. It’s an easy boost when my hands work better than my brain. Feel free to use them in any manner that works for you.

Make use of these tips to keep your writing flowing. It’s normal to get stuck sometimes; it’s not normal to stay that way.

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You’ll find these and other tips in First Steps and Quick Tips, a part of the Ready to Write Template available on our website.