Looking into the Future

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It’s time… time for me to forge ahead and write a book with the support of a traditional publishing company. My summer has been scheduled to spend the next three months writing the proposal. I’m not afraid of the task at hand but I wonder (oh how I wonder) what the outcome will be.

I’m in the middle of my first book series, “Book-Possible.” It has four titles that I believe would be of great impact to first-time authors. They are:

  • Book 1Stop Waiting – Publish Now!
                   (Getting Your Book Out of Your Head and Into the World)

  • Book 2 – Jumpstart Your Author Platform:

                   (Shift from Unknown to Well-Known in Less than 60 Days)

  • Book 3 – Bulletproof Your First Launch

                  (And Every One That Follows)

  • Book 4 – Irresistible Blurbs and Brilliant Bios

                   (Taking Your Readers Beyond Cover Appeal)

That’s not all… there are several other books lurking in the background. I’ve often thought about throwing out the entire list but I can’t. I believe they need to be published and will continue to move in that direction, with or without an agent.

Which brings me back to the topic at hand. How is it that I want to move in this direction? This next book is one I believe will appeal to a much broader audience of first-time authors that I currently interact with. It’s a resource that will cover a number of key words and organizations relevant to the industry. It’s a resource I wish I had when I started several years ago and it can be updated for future authors.

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I will be working with an agent-turned-author who now coaches up-and-comers like myself. We’ve gone over the requirements and I’m somewhat excited about it. However, it looks like more work than I ever thought could be put into a single book project. I’m told that both the book and I will change in the process (hopefully for the better).

The project begins with a book proposal and I’m committed to 90 days of instructions and writing. It will also mean that I’ll have to streamline some of my current activities and also take up some new ones.

Would you like to take this journey with me? This is an invitation to join me as I embark upon this great new adventure. I’ll keep you abreast of the developments (or the lack thereof) in real time. You’ll share the highs, lows and everything in between. And hopefully we’ll both learn a thing or two or three along the way.

I’ve never gone this way before and I hope my excitement and enthusiasm remain in tact. I’ll keep you posted on my activities and hope you’ll one day move in this direction (if desired). If nothing else, you should find ample encouragement to keep moving forward with your publishing projects.

In the next post I’ll let you in on more of the “why’s” of going in this direction. Until then, keep publishing.