Looking to Get Noticed? Use Your A-B-Cs.

Get Noticed

Everyone wants to get noticed. It ‘s a way of life these days. From the ever popular “Tweet” to “Periscope,” we can’t get enough of seeing or hearing ourselves. And we’ve convinced the world (for the most part) that they, too, should get in on the action. When it comes to book marketing, it’s not always fun and games. Yet it’s a requirement that we constantly communicate with our reader communities.

Many authors engage in posting on blogs or sending out other info in the hope of getting noticed. These tactics are designed to capture attention (and wallets). To be honest, the underlying motive for this post is to capture the attention of new readers and provide content for established readers.

We have learned (sometimes at an embarrassing cost) to avoid the infamous “BUY MY BOOK!” e-mails and posts. We’ve learned that spamming our e-mail contacts repels buyers rather than attract them. Yet it’s necessary to make such a request from time to time. This begs the question, “How do I maintain a balance between telling and selling?” Read on for some insightful answers.

So exactly how do you get noticed? Before we delve any deeper on the topic, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Marketing and promoting your book really isn’t the same thing as selling it. To sell your book, you must first find the people who want it. So asking everyone you meet to buy your book is a waste of your time, and theirs. A change in mindset can easily remedy this faux pas.

Marketing involves providing samples for your potential buyers to enjoy. It’s one of the easiest ways for an author to get noticed. The “try-before-you-buy” tactic is a tried and true winner. When done properly, your sample will easily convert a looker to a liker and then on to a buyer. Marketing creates the blueprint for them to follow.

By offering a taste of what is to come, you build loyalty with the audience. If they value what you offer, they will take the next steps and not only buy, but become repeat buyers.

Use Your A-B-Cs

Do you know why clowns are so popular? Because they attract attention with their bright colors, oversized shoes, red nose, and more. They get you to take some type of action (laugh) based on the scenario they are presented in. You can easily apply these strategies to your book.

You, too, can get the attention of your readers and you don’t even need red shoes. You can get your audience to take some action they moves them closer to a buyer. You can have them   request a free chapter of your book; attend a telecall; take your complimentary e-course; respond to a questionnaire (survey) and more.

In the business community, a Giveaway (aka a Freebie) is considered to be an bait (or an ethical bribe) to attract your niche. It’s the Standard Operating Procedure of marketing. It’s a shameless way to share tidbits about your writing style, your topics, and your products and services with other people. This creates interest and an opportunity to connect with them. If you have a related article or a free chapter you can forward to them, this would do much to create a sense of “knowing” on their part. If this proves to their liking, it’s quite possible a sale might ensue.

Woody Allen, the famous actor/producer, knew how to get noticed. In addition to his award-winner movies, he made this quote, “80% of success is showing up.” It applies well to book promotions. You have to show up; you have to know how to capture the attention of your readers. You have to be consistent in whatever you offer. And you have to get your message into the eyes and ears of your established and potential audiences over and over again.

If no one is reading your blog, that’s okay. Keep writing and it will happen. If your books aren’t moving yet, keep working on it. Your consistency, paired with persistence, will pay off in the end.

That’s all there is to it. Now it’s your turn to get noticed. Take these A-B-C tactics and apply them to your book promotions. Try several combinations of ideas until you create a winning formula. When your tactics click with your audience, you’ll soon find credibility and see your profitability increase.

Sandee Hemphill is an author, book marketer and book production coach who helps authors think outside the book. Subscribe to her blog to receive notice of her free book, “Your Book Won’t Sell Itself ” (available March 1). Visit the website (www.workyourbook.com) or contact her at sandee@workyourbook.com.

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