It’s Never Too Early — Bonus

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Welcome back! I’m sure you thought the course was over. It’s my pleasure to offer you a BONUS lesson.  This session of It’s Never Too Early to Promote Your Book (Where The Early Bird Gets the Reader)” is Leveraging Social Media.

Leveraging Social Media
Today we’re going to explore some strategies for effectively promoting your book on social media. There’s a zinger coming up next, so get ready.

I don’t know if you’ve tried this strategy before but I have – and it’s bombed every time I used it. That’s posting pictures of my book on social media and announcing (uh, spamming) my community with blatant or even subtle overtones of “buy my book!” Yes, it bombed. It just so happens that at the time, I had a small community so they were tolerant of my ignorance and no one left the tribe. That’s how I learned what NOT TO DO on social media.

And with this being the case, I’m sure you’re wondering what you SHOULD do to promote your book in this environment. What you want to think about is engagement, and how you can direct people to the benefits of your book without ever mentioning or suggesting that they buy it.

It might sound strange to you, seeing that the mission really is to sell the book, but not in a direct way. No one wants to have anything sold to them – they want to make the decision to make a purchase because the merchandise (or in our case, content) will make their life easier, better, and more efficient.

The approach you’ll want to take is more of a “did you know?” approach, where you continually feed the audience with little droppings of your content. You can do this quite easily by creating content that is relevant to them.

Get the Picture

Let’s suppose your book is about detoxing your body and getting rid of sugar. Here are some ideas you consider for your social media marketing campaign:

  • a graphic of a person with a bloat middle and a caption that makes you think twice before eating
  • an “Eat This, Not That” list of alternatives to sugary products
  • a brief audio that’s a motivational piece on 3 quick and easy ways to forgo sugar
  • how about a “Perfect Pantry Checklist” that eliminates sugary foods?

Are you getting the idea? They’re endless. And you haven’t pitched your book in any of these posts.

So, you might ask, how do you get those people who are interested in your comments to also want your book? You occasionally add a comment or link about it in these posts. For example, you might want to add a sign up link to the “Perfect Pantry checklist.” This gets the reader in your court and now you can market to them about your book.

Another idea is to pose a question to your audience and when you provide the answer, you might mention that you cover this topic more completely in your latest book, then add the title as a clickable link. No heavy sales techniques here – just information and a link to even more information.

Social media banners

I’ve used this next strategy along with hundreds of other authors. You post several cover designs of your book and ask your readers to select the perfect cover. It’s about as blatant as you can get, but you still aren’t selling anything. It’s a way of announcing that you have a new book coming out without really saying it out loud.

This strategy stirs up interest and inevitably, someone will post, “When’s it coming out?” Now you have an opportunity to add a bit more, and can even invite the person (and others who read the post) to join your list.

Remember that social media is not the be all, end all of your marketing journey – it’s just a road. Don’t get overly focused on any one road. There are many other roads you’ll need to navigate to be successful. As long as you’re moving forward, you’re doing okay.

Well, this officially completes our e-course on marketing strategies. Remember that you can always find me on any of the following social networks:

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