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Welcome Back! We’re moving on with It’s Never Too Early to Promote Your Book.” We have a very important session today (not that any of them are unimportant) entitled, Early Bird 2 — Rock Your Author Platform.

In our last session we talked briefly about pre-publication magnetism and that if you can’t tell people about your book, you probably won’t be able to sell your book. How did it go? I hope you were able to implement the strategies detailed in the Worksheets.

Initially the strategies in this e-course might appear to be simple. However, there are a number of BIG benefits from building a list of POSSIBILITIES for your soon-to-be-published book. In fact, they’re endless.

Now we’ll move on to today’s topic and examine the basics of the author platform, and tell you why it should be of the utmost importance to you.


You Already Have a Platform

Like it or not, every author has a platform. From the moment you wrote the first word or posted the first reference to your upcoming book, your platform was launched. The key to success is to knowingly build your platform through several established steps. 

In my book, Jumpstart Your Author Platform, I offer several definitions for the author platform.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

In the online world, it’s an accepted practice that if your name is attached to a document—whether a post, article, audio or video—you own it, and it’s a part of your brand (or platform). For this reason you’ll want to be pro-active in your approach to marketing and promoting your book. With a wee bit of planning you can direct your online activity toward a favorable outcome.

The Wisdom in Taking Baby Steps 

Think of your platform as a living, evolving creation with no pre-defined end. As noted in the previously mentioned book, I’ve compiled a list of more than 25 items you can include in your author’s platform. The list is referred to as “Platform Essentials.” And it could easily be considered a short list. I’ll share a few of them with you in today’s action steps.

It’s a Sprint, Not a Marathon
Your platform is both a conscious and subconscious result of all of your marketing activity. Your e-mails, posts, interviews, special reports, workshops, seminars, and your podcasts are added to the list of platform strategies. EVERYTHING you make available to the public becomes a part of your platform.

Don’t leave your platform to chance—be deliberate in your online persona and direct it towards your target audience. Learn who they are and be where they are. This is your best bet for launching a successful author platform.

And that’s a wrap!

Before signing off, I’d like to remind you that you can purchase the book, Jumpstart Your Author Platform, at You’ll also find a link on today’s Worksheets.

We’ll talk again in a few days. Until then, keep promoting.

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