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Welcome Back to our 5-day challenge. We’re very glad you’re still with us.

This challenge is entitled “It’s Never Too Early to Promote Your Book (The Early Bird Gets the Reader).” Today’s session is Early Bird 4 — Content: Give, Gain and Grow.

In our last session we showed you how you could open a window to the world with a website. We also included 12 tribe-building reasons why authors need a website. Your website is one of many places you can give away your content. Read on to learn how this works. 
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Giving away free content can be a savvy business move, when approached as a tool and not a gimmick. When an author displays his generosity in this manner, there are a number of hidden benefits included.

When you give away your content, it allows the reader to get to know you and your writing style. It’s been determined that self-published authors typically earn higher royalties from future sales as a result of their giveaway strategies.

Build Bridges with Free Content
So why would you want to give away your content? Consider this brief list:

  • You can reach new readers. Remember that there are thousands of new authors entering the market everyday. Giving away content helps to push your name to the front of the list.
  • You can develop long-term relationships with new readers. These eager readers of your blog, reports and other published items will welcome your longer content, such as your book. And if you offer your book through either your website or a distribution service (e-Junkie, Noisetrade), you can collect email addresses at the same time.
  • You can generate interest in books you have already published. Readers of your current works may enjoy a trip down memory lane. It’s easy and inexpensive to dust off a prior book and refresh it with a new cover and perhaps a new layout. A limited-time free launch might give it a jumpstart in sales.
  • You can easily promote related products and services. You can use your relationship with your readers to promote your other books, products and services. It’s only fair to expect that they’ll be interested in other resources that bear your name.

Your Best Content — Free!

That’s right. You’ll want to give away your BEST content, and here’s why. If a potential reader stumbles upon your content, you’ll want them to be exposed to the very best you have to offer. If you “dummy down” your free copy and then offer a different form of writing, it will confuse the reader.

The premise is by giving away content for free, you’ll generate more sales in the future. Therefore, you’ll always want to put your best foot forward and give away the content that represents you in a favorable light.
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What’s the Limit?
This is a frequently asked question by many authors, and for good reason. Some of them fear that they are shooting themselves in the foot by giving content away. But in most cases, the opposite is true.

What they are doing is exposing themselves to a pool of potential readers who should be willing to move from “free” to “fee” and purchase your books.

There really isn’t a limit on the ideas or amount of content that you make available. The main thing is to be sure that it’s done in such a way that you benefit from it. For example, if you offer a special report, you’ll want to make sure that the individual joins your mailing list in exchange for the report.

Some authors give away their entire book while others offer snippets of it at a time. Many authors write a series and place the first book in the series as a permanently free (perma-free) book.

Generally, these authors enjoy deeper customer relationships, more reviews, more sales of print books and increased sales of related books, products and services. Check out today’s Worksheet to see how to activate these strategies. We’ve one more session to go. We’ll be back in a few days.

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