It’s Never Too Early – Introduction

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Welcome Again!

Today marks the beginning of a great relationship between you and your book.

It’s Never Too Early to Promote Your Book — a 5-Day Visibility Challenge (The Early Bird Gets the Reader), will show you how to add book marketing to your writing schedule.

Getting to Know Sandee Hemphill
I don’t want to take up too much time about me, but here are a few facts you need to know:

  • I’m a published author of five books and two books not yet published
  • I’ve worked with more than 30 successful authors across all genres (YA, children’s, poetry, fiction) to get their books written and marketed — successfully
  • I offer marketing services to authors who publish in any format, including print, audio and digital
  • I offer one-on-one and group coaching
  • I’m working on my next book and online course, “Build Your Tribe BEFORE You Publish”
  • In my down time I enjoy jigsaw puzzles as well as British mysteries

That’s more than enough about me. Let’s move on.

You are the Author; You are the Marketer
The following statement is made by me so much I could probably record it and play it back at appropriate times.

Here it is: it’s YOUR responsibility to promote your book. This is one of the most confusing features of publishing.

This truth holds regardless of your publishing format – traditional publishing, self-publishing, vanity publishing, e-book or audio book. No matter how you compile and sell your book, it will ALWAYS be YOUR responsibility to generate sales. The exception comes only if you have a truly hot topic with lots of interest, supported by a well-known celebrity.

Unfortunately, too few authors invest time in pre-publishing marketing. This isn’t meant to be a criticism as much as a statement of fact. Most of them are doing everything they know to do just to get their books published.

As confusing as this task can sometimes be, it is also necessary that you let the world know that a book is being born. Imagine a mother trying to hide her pregnancy for 9 months. No! She wants the world to know about it, especially her friends, family and co-workers. You should feel the same way about your book.

30 Jul 2013 --- A pile of books on a library desk --- Image by © Wonyeop & Yeongdeok/TongRo Images/Corbis

You Can’t Do What You Don’t Know

So why, exactly, don’t authors publishing their books during the writing phase? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Many of them are overwhelmed with the task of writing their book and couldn’t possible consider marketing it too
  • For many, they don’t know that they should be marketing during this phase
  • Most of them think marketing is a post-publication activity ( That’s sometimes too late (at other times the process can be reversed — but that’s another course)
  • They can’t envision the impact prepublication marketing would have on their sales success
  • They lack the time, money or energy to approach the topic (or so they think)
  • Some new authors have an inflated sense of their writing abilities and tell themselves that their book will practically sell itself.

ln most cases, none of these statements are true.

Book With Folded Pages --- Image by © Lew Robertson/Corbis

Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing your book there is no magic formula that fits all book genres. However, if you give yourself enough time (roughly 3 months pre-production and 6-9 months post-production), you’ll meet with the level of success you desire.

Marketing creates visibility. And if you don’t know this already, visibility is the stepping-stone to credibility. And credibility leads to profitability. That’s a guaranteed formula which you can execute every day of the week.

I hope you share in the passion I feel regarding the importance (and necessity) of book marketing, and I hope it’s contagious. Move on to the worksheets posted below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at sandee@workyourbook.comWe’ll talk again in the next session.

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P.S. Here’s a brief exercise to do before moving on. I want you to envision yourself at a networking event. You’re walking up to a stranger where you’ll introduce yourself. Now say this out loud: “Hello. I’m (add your name) and I’m an author of the book (add the title of your book).” Now, didn’t that sound successful? Go ahead and do it again. It won’t hurt anything. I just want you to get accustomed to hearing your name and the word “author” in the same sentence. I’ll plan to through in a few more Author Affirmations throughout the course. 

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