Never Too Late Promotions

It’s closer to December now but these never too late promotions are worth a try. When possible, see if you are linked through social media or via co-workers to anyone in these professions. If so, try to make a connection with them to help you place a few of your books for the holiday.

Here you’ll find a list of tactics to get you moving. It’s possible that you’ll come up with a few more on your own. Either way, get busy and remember, it’s never too late to launch a promotion!

Do This Now:

  • Offer your cookbook to kitchen specialty shops, specialty food stores and upscale grocery stores
  • Fitness centers, pharmacies, beauty salons and personal trainers could be a perfect match for health, diet and exercise books
  • Hospital gift shops do well with inspirational books, gift books, poetry, books of quotes, non-fiction, self-help, and children’s lit
  • Most garden stores have gift shops as well as botanical gardens
  • Specialty museums that might show an interest in your gardening books
  • Have you penned a memorable travel book? Make it available at tourist attractions, RV parks, gift shops in hotels, your local chamber of commerce and other local venues – and don’t forget the your local travel clubs and Visitor’s Centers
  • Gift shops in children’s venues such as science museums and hospitals may want a fresh line of children’s books
  • Seek out toy stores, doll shops, children’s specialty shops and science museums to place your children’s books
  • A huge market exists for chick lit which could move easily when stocked in women’s boutiques or hair and nail salons
  • Home décor stores, especially specialty stores with door knobs, curtains or wall craft might enjoy providing a copy of your home décor books to customers
  • Fore! That’s the direction of your golf book when placed in pro shops and sporting goods stores along with soccer and other sports-related topics

never too late
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