Night Writer Productivity Tools: Are You Using These?

Are you a Night Writer who is having trouble getting your book written because you work a full-time job? As I often tell authors, it’s not your time but your skill. Here are five tools you can use to increase your productivity and leave you with more time to work, enjoy your family and sleep.

There are hundreds of productivity tools available, both free and fee, that are waiting to be discovered and used. And many of them are the key to staying on deadline with your writing projects. The learning curve is usually quite small and most are mobile, available for most mobile devices. Search to find the specific application for your device. Some are proprietary to either Apple or Android products, and some work across all platforms.

1) Hemingway App – Here’s a screen shot from (available for both Apple and Android devices)

2) After the Deadline. How about a site to help you with your most common writing errors? You’ll find it at After the Deadline (

3) Storylist – Get the mobile functionality you need with this app. Go to

4) The Brainstormer – Need a fresh plotline twist? This app stimulates an endless array of plotlines by spinning three separate wheels that provide you with the conflict, the setting and the subject of the story. You’ll find it at

5) Mindmapping Apps and Programs

Here is a list of three mind mapping tools to assist writers of all genres. Try out several to find the one that works for you.

Need more? Get a list of up to 60 productivity tools from my latest book, Night Writer: Optimize Your Time, Upgrade Your Skills and Work Around Your Day Job, available on Amazon in e-book and print.


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