Is There’s a Book in Your Head 
But Getting it Out is a Challenge?

Perhaps you work full-time; you have a family, relatives, friends… in other words, you have a life! Yet you have a burning desire to write a book. Is it possible to fit anything else into your daily return?
Enter NIGHT WRITER: OPTIMIZE YOUR TIME, UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS, AND WRITE AROUND YOUR DAY JOB. It’s the definitive resource for working writers.



If you’re working on a book, or if you’re still trying to get your ducks in a row, this book will get you to the final page. Here’s what you’ll find inside:
  • Create and manage a writing schedule
  • Optimize your time to write quicker
  • Triumph over any writing-while-working-full-time myths
  • Discover your writing rhythm
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Cancel your negative self-talk
  • Write successfully with or without an outline
  • Use writing productivity tips to save time (more than 50 included)
  • Discover why it might not be your time but your skill
  • Learn from other Night Writers (in their own words)
Like other writers who walk in your shoes, you want the assurance you can add writing to your daily routine. NIGHT WRITER is your blueprint to balance working full-time and writing part-time without neglecting your family.



The motivation for this book is the hundreds of questions I’ve answered over the years on the topic. And yet a single chapter in the book literally sums up the entire issue: “It’s Not Your Time, It’s Your Skill.” When you understand how important good writing skills are, and either develop or update them, you’ll find writing is as easy as falling off a log.



     Author Sandee L. Hemphill explains that “72% of Americans have a book in them, but only 14% of them act upon it.” She gives the reader detailed information as to how they can make writing a book a reality. She quickly points out that one must be organized to make this writing skill a smooth transaction.

     We see that writing is indeed a skill and therefore one that must be practiced daily and worked on through all the ups and downs of writing.  She counteracts the negative myths that could keep one from ever producing their book by providing encouragement and direction for the writer to accomplish their dream.
Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers’ Favorite

Skill and attitude … skill and attitude. That’s what this book is about, and it’s what writing is about most of the time. Set your sites on writing; formulate a schedule that works for you; keep your writing appointments (with yourself), and get the job done. It sounds easy, and it can be.


Night Writer is designed to elevate your writing, and to give you time to do the things you enjoy doing. Don’t put this one off another day. Get two copies of NIGHT WRITER today. (You can share the second one with a writing buddy. They’ll thank you forever!)
Don’t put off your dream of becoming a writer any longer. Get your copy of NIGHT WRITER today!


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