Publish Your Passion

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You’ve heard the expression, “Content is King?” It speaks of the flexibility of the content you create and the evergreen value it carries.

A key to creating great content is to write on topics you’re passionate about. This is where you begin your relationship with your audience.

Most authors know their readers and what subjects interests them. They want to build a connection with them, whether through social media or other outlets. Once connected, they leverage these connections to gather details on what new content is wanted. This is the key to crafting audience-responsive books.

How can you be certain your topic will appeal to your audience? The easiest way is to simply ask them. You can create a survey or poll or even a contest to gather information prior to embarking on your next project.

Consider these features for a survey:
1) Short and to the point
2) Completed within 2-5 questions
3) An incentive is offered (special report or an audio)
4) The findings are reported to all who participated. 

In addition to rapid responses, a short-term contest could also attract potential loyalists. As with surveys, keep the criteria short and pointed. Don’t offer discounts – they tend to not be viewed as valuable. Instead, offer something tangible but related to your writing topics.

You’ll want to check the contest rules for any social media sites you plan to use. Follow them to the letter. If you’re not sure, ask prior to your launch. You don’t want to be shut down in the middle of your activity.

Publishng your passion begins with easy data collection. It’s a task that is well worth the effort. It will help you stay on task with your writing and equip you for future projects.