Ready-to-Write Template

Are you tired of THINKING about WRITING a book
and wish someone would tell you HOW to get STARTED?

Does your book-writing history look like this?

— You’re not sure where to start, so you haven’t written anything yet?

— You start writing — then stop — then you can’t get started again?

— You don’t have an outline so you’re “winging” it, and it’s not going well?


I’ve worked with authors-in-the-making who couldn’t get started on their writing projects.

Even after giving them my “insider secrets,” they still couldn’t get the job done.

Not only could they NOT finish their project — many times they couldn’t even get stared.

NOW they have the resource they needed to inspire great content.

With the Ready-to-Write Template, you can easily:

— Layout your book content

— See the end from the beginning

— Prepare the needed support content so you can paced your writing

— Knowingly draft content that focuses on your audience

And much more!

What should an aspiring author do?

Well, the next move has been planned out for you!

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You’ll find everything you need to start and finish your book!

Here’s  what you’ll find in this start-to-finish package…

— 3 separate documents to easily guide you through the writing process

— Details of each segment of your book

— A detailed book anatomy — an overview of a book’s key segments

— Simple “fill-in-the-blanks” template

— Easy, you-can’t-get-this-wrong instructions

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Want more?

Consider these feature of this invaluable resource:

— An easy grammar primer

— Best font selection

— How to add emphasis without clutter your text

— What keys to eliminate in the book writing process

— Proper spacing for a professional designed book

— And the most common formatting mistake first-time authors make

(So common that most people are surprised [and a bit embarrassed] when it’s pointed out

You can easily to see the value of this great resource.

In fact, I’m sure you can see your writing improving as you read this copy!



 Consider these additional benefits of this package…

— FIRST STEPS gives you a synopsis of the writing journey

Insight on creating your book draft

Instructions on developing your outline

— Book writing Do’s and Don’ts

“Jump-start” exercises for lethargic writers

— Targeted graphics to further explain the writing process

A checklist to bulletproof your success

You’ll easily build your writing confidence and competence

And much more!



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