Rest, Reflect, and Remember

Yeah! It’s a holiday weekend!

This might be just what you need to reinvigorate your publishing juices.

If you’re in the writing process, you can take some time to reflect and refresh upon your writing project. Even with deadlines that keep moving, a few days away can do much to reinvigorate you.

If you’re in the publishing stage, you might need to create a checklist or double-check the one you have, this too can be refreshing.

The point is, regardless of where you are in the process, you’ll want to take some time away from it so you can return to your projects with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective.

As we reflect upon the holiday (which originated in 1866 in the wake of the Civil War), let’s remember its purpose. It is a day set aside to remember the American troops who didn’t get to come back home or retired from their branch of service quietly.

Memorial Day is reserved for those who can’t return a smile or a salute, not to mention the families and friends who have been left behind.

Whatever you find to do this weekend, remember those who gave their lives for your freedoms.

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