Selling Socially for the Holiday

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As authors, we’re probably used to selling socially. However, we need to put a different spin on things for the holidays.

For the most part, we need every shortcut we can get to help us – something that won’t take much time yet prove to be extremely effective.

Selling socially impacts all of your social networks, and are the highlight of any marketer. Authors know it as the mother lode of all marketing, whether fee or free. It’s one of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective marketing tools available today. It’s the place go to tell the world about your book.

selling socially

Once you get your promotion lined up, it’s the place to go to let your readers (and future readers) know about it. Here are several ways to capitalize on the social networking explosion and other online media.

Since the majority of authors are already active social media users, selling socially won’t waste their time. Remember that with little thought and effort you can promote your books to millions of potential readers.

When it comes to holiday posts, you’ll want to be social while spreading the holiday cheer. Yes, focus on selling socially but be careful not to over-promote on any one platform.

Instead, focus on posting engaging content that will excite them about the holiday and show them how your books will help make their shopping easier.

You’ll want to show a positive vibe in everything. This will keep them coming back for your posts and your offerings. No hard sell is necessary when you stay focused on holiday cheer.

If time permits, drum up a contest or two to keep them active while vying for your prizes (which will include your books, of course). If you can tie your contest into your book’s cover or characters (available on your Amazon Author Page – provide them with the link).

This forces them to go to your sales page and to glean your other book titles. You could be setting yourself up for mega sales. Several contest sites are listed here.


E-N-T-I-C-I-N-G is the name of the game! That’s what gets your readers to click on your posts and draws them into your subtle sales pitch. The workhorse of this tactic is the headline.

Your reader is more likely to click on something that piques their curiosity. People also respond to something that poses a question they can’t readily answer.

The best headlines are the ones that are short and filled with emotional words or killer phrases. Sometimes you can take something from the news, but be sure it can’t be misconstrued as something negative. Also, don’t try to use a pun regarding a politician. You’re asking for trouble.

In the meantime, posting good content following a hot headline is the way to go. And remember, you want to highlight the holiday in everything you post. Let’s see if these blog and article examples help make it clear:

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  • Kick Start Your Holiday Marketing Campaign And Keep It Alive
  • TIS THE SEASON TO PROSPER: Smart Holiday Marketing To Rev Up Your Revenues
  • Seasonal Marketing Secrets

When possible, keep your headlines focused on the information inside. Use graphical features such as all caps or bold to add emphasis.

And be sure to include a link in your brief resource box. Keep it up through the holiday season and beyond, and your sales are sure to follow.

All of the strategies in the HOLIDAY SALES series were excerpted from this book. There’s still time to get some great promotions in for the holiday. Start here with Boost Your Holiday Book Sales, available at

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