The Inside Story on Goodreads

This month we’ll explore several reader platforms to help you discover additional author visibility outlets. You won’t want to miss a post! 

Goodreads – Just the Facts!

Goodreads is a social network designed to meet the needs of both authors and readers.

  • A platform for gathering readers and authors
  • Launched in 2007
  • Readers list books they want to read, read them and rate them
  • Readers can also leave a review, but it’s optional
  • Readers can connect with other readers, just like they would on other social networks
  • There are more than 40 million members, 1.3 billion books and 47 million reviews on this platform; 70% female and 30% male users
  • It’s one of the most visited websites in the world
  • You can network with fellow readers and authors
  • Readers vote on their list of favorite books (Listopia)
  • Goodreads help people find the books they really want to read
  • You can track the books you read
  • It integrates with other social networks
  • Connect via message boards, recommendations and listicles
  • Some people compare it to Pandora Radio for books

Why Should Authors Use This Platform?

Authors should run to Goodreads because it offers the following author visibility benefits:

  • You can communicate directly with readers through the “Ask the Author” platform, or post trivia, polls, quizzes, quotes and events
  • You can set up a Goodreads button on your blog
  • You can solicit reviews
  • Want to dig down deep? Start a Q&A Discussion Group
  • Launch a Goodreads Book Giveaway
  • Determine if Goodreads Deals meet with the specifics of your book
  • Sell your books from a subtle position

How Do I Register for this Platform?

To register, go to www. and complete the log in information.

Are There Any Costs Related to this Platform?

Goodreads is a $0 platform (except for paid ads which you may want to consider — get details here). Otherwise, your investment is your time.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to begin your relationship with Goodreads and the readers who frequent this network:

  1. Go to Sign up for a free account. Spend time learning the dashboard to assure your ability to benefit from this site.
  2. Complete your author profile (bio, photo, social network links)
  3. Import your blog from your author website
  4. Double-check all links and references
  5. Join groups that interest you.
  6. If available, add your video book trailer
  7. Invite friends to join you (consider using the import tool to gather friends from your social networks).
  8. Read the works of other authors and comment or rate them, when appropriate
  9. Position yourself to meet new readers and fellow authors
  10. Visit this page if you need assistance. You’ll find a slideshow there also —

Sample Review for this Platform

  • Add a brief introduction to the book
  • A a brief synopsis of the storyline
  • List several relevant points
  • List things you didn’t like or seemed not to fit (be gracious in your wording)
  • What surprised you the most
  • Other (perhaps a question surfaced more than once, or you have an additional comment)

Go Deeper 

Check out the following e-books available on on the subject of Goodreads:
Goodreads for Authors: How to Use Goodreads to Promote Your Books
The Author’s Guide to Goodreads: How to Engage With Readers and Market Your Book

Wrapping Up 

By all means, make use of Goodreads. It’s just sitting there waiting for you. Feel free to visit my page hereAnd if you haven’t connected to us through our blog, BookWorks, you can subscribe today!

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