The Inside Story on Wattpad

Wattpad – Just the Facts!

Wattpad is a a global community of readers and writers.

  • It hosts over 40 million unique monthly users
  • Readers represent 90% of the community; 10% is authors
  • 78% of their 40 million users are Millennials and Gen Z (Wattpad for Business) with a 3:1 female to male split
  • 85% of readers use mobile devices
  • Average reading time per user is 30 minutes per session
  • Major genres: Romance, Fan Fiction, Teen Fiction, Science Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • It combines mobile and social media with the rise of user-generated content
  • Followers of your work get push notifications to their phone when new content is added
  • Authors can email followers
  • Wattpad authors have received book deals based on their visibility on this platform
  • It’s more about the story, the characters and the emotion than anything else
  • You get a lot of feedback in comments from readers who get super-involved in the story
  • Most popular genres are YA (Young Adult) and Sci Fi and Fantasy
  • Referred to as “YouTube” for stories

Why Should Authors Use This Platform?

You’ll find the following author-specific benefits on this platform:

  • All authors are welcome here, regardless of their publishing history
  • Authors get to share themselves via content, essays or articles
  • Refine your story based on Inline Commenting, where readers can comment on specific words, sentences and paragraphs of a story
  • An exclusive target for book marketing, especially to Millennials
  • You can post an author bio and include a call-to-action
  • Invaluable reader thoughts and opinions can be collected
  • A key focus is the story, the characters and the emotion of your book
  • If you post a chapter of your book, you can leave a call-to-action for the readers
  • Feedback via readers’ comments indicate a key level of involvement in your story
  • You get to build a fanbase for your writing — not just provoke sharing or tweets
  • Authors can maximize their exposure with the potential to increase profits
  • A great place to build relationships with publishers and agents

How Do I Register for this Platform?

To register, go to www. and complete the log in information.

Are There Any Costs Related to this Platform?

Wattpad is a $0 platform.

Getting Started

Get started here:

  1. Go to Sign up for a free account.
  2. Spend time learning the etiquette for this platform to assure your ability to benefit from this site.
  3. Complete your author profile (bio, photo, social network links)
  4. Post often
  5. Add author’s notes with a CTO (call to action)
  6. Link to your book
  7. Be sociable — and open to two-way communications
  8. Connect through Dedications and Broadcasts
  9. Get listed on their “Featured” page
  10. Get ongoing access through the Wattpad app
  11. Post often.
    Did I say post often?

More Benefits of this Platform

  • You have a captive audience
  • Interaction is strongly encouraged
  • Serialization pushes your book forward
  • Get to know readers and other authors like yourself
  • Fan Funding allows you to crowd fund your book

Go Deeper 

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Wrapping Up 

Wattpad won’t work for all authors (no platform will). However, if you are willing to put in some time, it might be just the right resource to help you jumpstart your sales.

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