3 Things You Can Do to Promote Your Book

If you’re running short on marketing ideas, here are 3 things you can do to promote your book. They’re simple and can be set up quickly. And you don’t have to use them only once. These tactics can be added to your marketing schedule and be used over and over again.

Host a Contest. You can promote your book by hosting an easy, no-brainer contest. You can offer your book and a gift card—perhaps a $10 Starbucks card—to the winner (s). Your contest could be any of the following:

  • Post a quote from your book and ask for comments. Anyone who comments is entered into a drawing.
  •  Ask your social media followers to share a photo of themselves with your book cover. Each post is automatically entered into the drawing for a gift.
  • Ask readers to create a graphic based on a specific quote from your book. Be sure the prize for this contest is substantial.
  • Ask a question and offer a free copy of your book to anyone who answers it. Make this one super easy by directing the entrants to your Amazon Author Central page or a specific website page for the answer. Include the link to the site and use an online contest selector such as RaffleCopter to select the winner. You can stretch out this contest by offering a book every 2-3 hours or every 2-3 days.Create a catchy title for your contest such as “The One-Day Giveaway.” You’ll be amazed at the attention and traffic this simple tactic can generate. A word of caution: make sure you read and adhere to the rules for using RaffleCopter (or any other selector) as well as the social media sites where you promote your contest. Check out this article designed specifically for WordPress users for selecting your winner: Gleam vs. RaffleCopter vs. PromoSimple

Solicit Video Testimonials. Promote to your Tribe or potential readers by asking them to tell why they purchased your book. Ask they to describe their greatest takeaway. You can promote this strategy affordably by using  your social media sites and your website. If a testimonial comes from another author, have them hype their book as well. Note: if this strategy proves successful, transcribe their testimonial and post it on your website. Be sure to get the authors’ permission to do so.

Short on time? Create a tip sheet that promotes your book. Technically, a tip sheet is a news release or a publication used to distribute the most current publishing information. It’s a factual short-read loaded with facts on a specific topic. A good tip sheet should include these elements:
♦  Create an attention-grabbing headline that hints of the information on the tip sheet (Hint: thumb through a magazine for samples of attention-grabbing headlines)
♦  Add a brief introduction, if warranted
♦  Consider writing 5-7 bulleted points about your topic
♦  Promote even further by adding page numbers for your book for each points
♦  Use an appropriate length blurb and short bio (50 words or less)
♦  Of course you’ll include your name, the book title, and the cover graphic
♦  Design your tip sheet creatively and distribute in print and online
♦  Include a short link to take the reader to your site to purchase your book
♦  List your contact info, including social media links and an e-mail address

Although these tactics are simple, it may take a day or two to complete each promotion. That’s okay. The idea is that you have three new strategies to move forward in your book marketing. Depending upon how often you post to your list, you could easily have several month’s worth of promotions.

If you haven’t started a swipe file, you can get started with these promotions. Each promotion listed here is evergreen—and can be used over and over and over again. I always encourage my clients to keep at lease one promotion in the hopper at all times. You never know when you’ll be short on time or ideas. A ready-to-go promotion could be just what you need to stay top-of-mind with your readers.

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