The New Year Brings New Things

It’s over (2014) and it’s just begun (2015)!

What are you looking to add to your publishing portfolio this year? I have a bevy of projects and resources I’m looking forward to bring to my audiences. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll get from me this year:

The “Ready-to-Write” Non-Fiction Template (available in January)

not-yet-named series begins (February)

Launch of a new book, “Back of the Room Revenue” for authors and speakers (March)

Launching a 90-Day Book Marketing Program (April)

Virtual Book Launch for series (May)

Traveling to Book Expos with other Authors (June, July)

Completing various projects (August)

Second launch of the 90-Day Book Marketing Program (September)

Research of a group coaching publishing program to be launched in January 2016 (October)

Research for another not-yet-named series (November)

Great end-of-the-year sales (December)

Whew! And I just hit the highlights!!

Don’t worry… they’ll be lots of great projects, giveaways and training for you to partake in, not to mention the blog, “Write.Now.”  We’re going to have lots of fun, learn what you need, and reap a financial harvest in this year.

If a certain project struck a cord with you, add a comment (or drop me a line) and let’s see how we can work together. Remember, I’m here to help you successfully master the book publishing process. It helps if I know what you need so I can get it to you.

Best wishes to all of us in this year. Let’s make it a great one!