Sandee’s Role

Generating Visibility for Unknown Authors

Most authors don’t know why their books don’t sell. On one hand, it’s easy to explain. Unless you are a celebrity or a well-known professional or have already published several successful books, you’re an unknown. That’s right — unknown.
The people who know you (family, friends, business colleagues) aren’t enough in number to generate noticeable book sales. Therefore, you’ll want to develop a community of readers to await your books. Without this key step, you may as well throw your book into a wind tunnel.


Several levels of Services are offered to authors who are ready to publish their books. They range from simple book promotions to more extensive projects, through  customized book launch blueprints.
Author: I produce books, e-books and workbooks about publishing for both debut and published authors. I also offer a line of books for Christian readers.
Book Promotions and Training Is offered via our blog, workshops, coaching, blogging, Webinars (coming soon). My social media networks include LinkedIn, facebook and twitter. Key social media visibility is earned through Linkedin, where I publish bi-monthly articles.
Two new book marketing services will soon be established: a monthly Q&A call (Get Momentum) and a Podcast (yet to be named).
Coaching is offered to any author looking for clarity and accountability. Both individual and group sessions are available. Those services are listed here.
Most Requested Workshops Include:
Write From the Start
7 Key Questions You Should Answer BEFORE You Write the First Word.

Your Book Won’t Sell Itself
5 Keys to Developing a Profitable Author/Marketer Mindset

Night Writers

10 Shortcuts for Writing and Publishing Your Book — Even If You Work 9-5.

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