This is Where the End Begins…

final draft

Every so often I try harder than usual to generate conversation. This post is one of those times.

I’ve finally settled on a blog name — FIRST.DRAFT — for which I am quite proud. I’ve attempted to come up with a name that summed up the goal of the blog and I think this one fits the bill.

So, in honor of the new name, here’s a few FIRST.DRAFT questions to ponder (and respond to):

  1. Did your first draft take longer than you expected? If so, by what measure (days, months).

  2. Did you rework your first draft or throw it out and start from scratch?

  3. Did anyone other than you see the first draft, and if so, what was their opinion — good, not so good, great?

It’s a daunting thing to expose your writing — your life — to those outside yourself. However, it’s about the only thing that will make us better writersin the long run.

Don’t forget to add your comments, and keep writing. Prayerfully, your first draft  won’t be your last.