Why Are You Publishing a Book?

You probably think this is a silly question. If you’ve taken the time to write and publish a book, you should at least know why you did it. And yet there are lots of authors who cannot answer this question without fumbling or trying to justify their efforts.

Here is a brief list from my key resource, 52 Reasons to Publish a Book, which I offer to blog subscribers. Feel free to subscribe to the blog to get the full list.

1. Fulfill your lifelong dream — For many people, publishing is a dream come true. Generally, getting started is the most challenging part.

2. Express your creativity — Sometimes blogs and articles don’t contain enough content to capture the full essence of who you are as an author. A book gives you more room to unleash your creativity.

3. Open new doors — Do you need to connect with a specific group of people? Your book can open doors and connect you with new markets, new groups and new individuals.

4. Attract more business — If you need more business one way to attract attention is through continuous book promotions. Make use of the ease and affordability of online promotions.

5. Tell it like only YOU can tell it — publishing isn’t just about you telling your story. It’s about you telling your story your way. Your topic may be covered by lots of other authors but only you can give it a distinct flair.