It’s the Quiet Before the Book Release

The book release for my next book is in the making. and boy am I tired. I think I have a right to be tired. It’s a time of reflection, correction and checking things off the proverbial list.

There are only a few more days remaining before the BIG DAY (08/08). It’s been a whirlwind of activity getting things set up for this book release. Only a few loose ends remain.

We’re not just about sales – we’re also about building the reading and writing community.

This isn’t a complaint, mind you, it’s a statement of fact. Even with a team, there’s lots to do. Some of the activities include:

  • Setting up live events (release party, workshops, speaking)
  • Creating social media graphics (quotes and infographics)
  • Polishing up my press kit (revamping my outdated press kit)
  • Setting up remote sales sites
  • Connecting with bloggers
  • Designing online and offline contests (and checking the rules)
  • Soliciting prizes and awards
  • Recording podcasts
  • Meet the Author events (libraries, bookstores)
  • Uploading the book (print-only for the first month)
  • Developing the grand prize package
  • And more (this is just a snippet)

Whew! I’m tired just thinking of it. But I’m looking forward to adding my new “baby” to my other books.

What am I learning through this book release activity? Much of what I’ve said (uh, preached) all along. You SHOULD NOT wait until your book is published to begin your promotions. You should build in several forms of book promotions THROUGHOUT the writing process. This takes the guessing (and disappointment) out of book sales. (This topic will be covered more thoroughly in an upcoming e-course).

But we’re not just about sales – we’re also about building the reading and writing community. This will materialize during our extended release event (08/08 – 08/31) through the following:

  • Offering productivity software demonstrations at our live events (including the release party)
  • Hosting an author social
  • Donating a portion of sales to a nationwide children’s literacy program
  • Offering a call-in Help Desk (manned by me and some team members)

Did you notice I haven’t mentioned the title of the book? That would be a spoiler. If you haven’t seen any posts yet, that’s okay. There will be plenty coming out through the next three weeks and beyond. There will also be posts of the results of activities and more insight into various promotions.

If you’re planning to release your book in the next 90 days, add something to the comments about how you plan to promote it to the world. When we share ideas it makes each of us stronger.

Use this link if you’d like to see a layout of the activity. Feel free to join us at any of our events. Some of the activities are limited to Facebook so be sure to check there at the Write Brain page.

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