How to NOT BE An Invisible Author

You’re an author and you love to write. It’s why you’re working feverishly on completing your book. You’re dedicated and you’re committed to the finished work. You’re on your way to a great launch, mega sales and more fame than you ever thought imaginable.

Oh, if it were only this simple. The truth is, you’re not just an author. By today’s publishing standards, every author is also a book marketer. This means you must also invest time (and yes, money) to learn how to promote your books (or be prepared to pay someone to do it for you).

There were approximately 3.4 million books printed last year. This is a major publishing pool to compete with. More than seventy percent of these books are by first-time authors. Most of these authors (90%) never sell more than 100 books. I’m guessing you don’t want to be in the 100-book sales crowd.

Some authors are of the mistaken notion that if they publish with a traditional publisher (as opposed to self-publishing), they’ll be on easy street. They think their agent (the person who handles the business between the author and publisher) will get them a best-seller deal with lots of fringe benefits.

If your agent is skillful, you might receive a giant advance and be given a publicist to handle your book marketing. In only a few months, you’re headed for several best-seller lists. If this is how you think, your information about the book industry is grossly outdated.

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